Clients use our PackageScale for:

  • Support of online postage applications like Click'n'Send (sometimes double branded with eBay)
  • Increase convenience sending (international) packages
  • Introduction of new products, new package stamps
  • Communication about (new) prices, size, weight
  • In campaigns and mailings towards target groups
  • Give-away for exhibitions and shows
  • Sales incentive, as a premium
  • Revenue protection
  • To keep people out of the post office for simple handlings
  • Selling (with package stamps)

  • How to use the stackable PackageScale:
    Click to enlarge

    1. Place package on scale
    Click to enlarge

    2. If the scale hits the bottom, the package is
        heavier then the weight indicated on the scale
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    3. You can stack the scales:
        1 kg + 2 kg = 3 kg scale

        Using different scales allows your customers to
        determine the weight and the exact postage


  • Stackable (they add up). All different weight combinations are possible
  • Weight thresholds can be customized according to your requirements
  • Calibrated, made out of memorized steel and last over 10.000 times
  • Scales fully customized to your brand requirements (colors, packaging)
  • Very attractive priced tool, highly appreciated (postal) give-away that is functional too
  • Environmental friendly, no power, no batteries and save trip to post office