Clients use the LetterScale for various reasons:

  • Communication about (new) prices, size, weight, introduction of new products and stamps
  • Revenue protection (people pay better with the tools at home or office)
  • In campaigns and mailings towards target groups
  • In combination with (online) stamps sales
  • Give-away for exhibitions and shows
  • Sales incentive, as a premium
  • Keep simple handlings out of the post office, reduction waiting time
  • Improve convenience for customers sending (international) letters

  • How to use the LetterScale in just three steps:
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    1. Fold the flat LetterScale into a triangle
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    2. Place the LetterScale on a horizontal surface
        and put the letter upright in the slot
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    3. When the LetterScale tips over, the letter is
        heavier then the weight indicated and your
        customers can determine the exact postage


  • Made of premium cardboard with low humid absorption, lasts many years
  • Available with different weight slots (from 15 up and till 100g), according to your requirements
  • Easy to fit in campaigns, easy to distribute (f.i in mail-piece)
  • Can be fully customized to your brand requirements (colors, packaging) with your design
  • Useful long lasting communication tool, highly appreciated give-away that is functional too
  • Calibrated, environmental friendly, no power, no batteries required
  • Attractive priced tool (cost per contact is low)

  • A selection of LetterScales