Key issue: The solution:
- Reduce waiting time                        
- Reduce questions about postage       
   - Let your customers check weight, sizes and postal rates at home or office
   - Replace simple transactions by self-service concepts like online postage
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Clients can weigh and pay their mail at home now

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The starterkit contains special stackable scales for letters and packages
up to 6,5 Kg and a LetterTemplate for checking sizes of letters. Next to this
you find two stickers and all information you need for sending packages and letters with WebStamp. And the best is: you receive this all for free, delivered
at your house or office. Order the starterkit today on:

Online solutions are a good way to keep people away
for simple transactions from the post office

Key issue: The solution:
Keep simple transactions away from post office, post point    - Create self-service concepts parallel to the supermarket
   - By handing tools to customers, people are able to handle
      their mail without interference of an employee
Two examples of self-service concept
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Mock up LetterScale with sheet of stamps packed in a blister
(Austria Post)
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PackageScale for at home with package stamp from DHL.
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