Distributing the tools to your clients (both SME and private households) before the mail gets into your mail system, means that you are able to contribute considerable to your key issues.

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Postal operators give the tools away for free to their (SME and private Household) customers, as an investment with an immediate and yearly pay back. Other postal operators want to sell the tools in combination with a selection of their product portfolio (f.i. together with stamps) in order to have an extra return of investment.

Ways postal operators distribute the postal tools:

Here is a selection of how some postal operators distribute the tools to their clients.
  • Doordrop
  • Post Office, Post Points, related retail points
  • Website
  • Customer Service Centre
  • Sorting centre
  • Events, fairs and exhibitions
  • Mailorder
  • - In a mailpiece by postmen
    - On the counter, with stamps, as a gift, etc.
    - Customers apply through website for tool (Databasegenerator)
    - Customers that have questions, complaints, etc. are sent the tools
    - Customers that are sent surcharge fees, receive a tool to prevent underpayment
    - Customers that attend the event receive a tool as a gift
    - Customers order the tools through website postal operator