Key issue: The solution:
- Extending opening hours
- Service improvement     
- Post office replacements
A mail kit (starter kit) containing tools and an Internet application to arrange mail (both letter and package) at the office or at home

Examples of online applications with a starter kit:
  • Click-N-Ship
  • Stampit
  • Pese n’Click
  • Webstamp
  • Smartstamp
  • Ship-in-a-Click
  • Click-N-Ship
    The USPS starter kit with PackageScales

    USPS - Click-N-Ship  USPS - Click-N-Ship
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    Stampit Online Postage
    Starter kit from Deutsche Post and DHL with PackageScale and LetterTemplate

    Deutsch Post & DHL - Stampit
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    Pese n'Click
    Chronopost starter kit with PackageScale for pickup service Pese n'Click

    ChronoPost - Pese n'Click
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    Starter kit with PackageScales, LetterScale and LetterTemplate from Swiss Post

    Swiss Post - Webstamp (PackageScale) Swiss Post - Webstamp (LetterScale)Swiss Post - Webstamp (LetterTemplate)
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    Royal Mail used the LetterScale for communication about online postage

    Royal Mail - Smartstamp
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    Starter kit for Canada Post pickup service with PackageScale

    Canada Post - Ship-in-a-Click
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