Outcome questionnaire TNT Post EasyWeigh™ LetterScale 2006* about communication of postal rates towards SME and Private Households

In 2006 TNT Post handed out through post office to both private- and business customers the foldable LetterScale. Part of the campaign was getting to know how people would perceive the LetterScale and how they would use it and if they would be informed better about postal rates and use the right stamps accordingly.

The results were as follow:

Client research TNT Post, 2006

1. 95% is pleased with the LetterScale
2. 98% of the people will actually use the LetterScale
3. 87% even over 10 times a year
4. 84% understands the postal rates better, now having the LetterScale
5. 84% finds it easier, having a LetterScale, to determine postage themselves
* Authorized by TNT Post to be used by Innovation Affairs

An Post's EasyWeigh™ consumer and business customer survey

Irish Post An Post carried out an EasyWeigh™ LetterScale business- and consumer survey. Aim of this market research was to gauge both consumer and business customers views on the handiness of EasyWeigh™ LetterScale measure willingness of both consumer and business customer adoption.

The survey results are divided by private customers and business customers.

Client research An Post

Private households customers::
1: 96% found it easy to understand (88% very easy- extremely easy)
2: 95% indicated that EasyWeigh™ LetterScale would help understanding postal rates
3: 69% found EasyWeigh™ LetterScale useful or very useful
4: 86% would use EasyWeigh™ LetterScale weekly or monthly

EasyWeigh™ business customer results:
1: 100% found it very easy to understand (50% very easy- 50% extremely easy)
2: 100% (everyone) indicated that EasyWeigh™ LetterScale would help understanding postal rates
3: 75% found EasyWeigh™ LetterScale very useful
4: 83% would use EasyWeigh™ LetterScale daily or weekly

Royal Mail's EasyWeigh™ LetterScale, helping customers to check it, not guess it

Royal Mail distributed 300,000 LetterScales with postal rates information to households known, or identified through market research as being highly likely to generate international mail. Follow-up research to establish how widely the distributed LetterScales were being used gave the following results:

Client research Royal Mail

1: 81% of recipients had kept the LetterScale
2: 85% had kept the accompanying tariff literature
3: 84% stated they were either very or fairly likely to check the postage the next time they sent a letter overseas
4: 62% said they were either very or fairly likely to use the LetterScale the next time they sent a letter overseas
5: 75% said they were either very or fairly likely to use the tariff literature
6: 39% had already used the LetterScale
7: 92% of whom stated it was very or fairly easy to use

Subsequent marketing activity has resulted in some 90,000 requests for LetterScales being made at the Royal Mail website. All in all, the LetterScale provides a superb means of communicating our messages about checking the weights and posting rates for overseas mail.

USPS: Informing customers about Pick-up services for packages with PackageScales.

Quotation of a published article by advertising agency Draft Chicago:

Quotation of Draft Chicago

TNT Post: Test for decrease the level of underpayment due to foldable LetterScale

In 2007 the royal TNT Post executed a campaign aimed at reducing the level of underpayment in the small- and medium size business segment with the EasyWeigh™ LetterScale, the foldable letter scale of the Amsterdam based company EasyWeigh™.

In January of that year TNT Post distributed the LetterScales with the new orange TNT Post colours including new postal rates to small- and medium sized businesses.

Apart from the many positive reactions from customers, the level of underpayment in the target group decreased despite a rate increase in that same year. TNT Post believes that the foldable LetterScale contributed to this result.

TNT Post, January 2007 - Click to enlarge

Goal EasyWeigh™ LetterScale: prevent business customers from underpayment and communicate the change of TNT Post brand colour from red into orange and to communicate the new postal rates.

TPG Post is renamed into TNT Post and changed its brand colour from red into orange. The orange EasyWeigh™ LetterScales are handed out and given away for free at post offices with the sale of business stamps (a coil of 100 stamps). Because the EasyWeigh™ LetterScale is kept on somebody's desk, good awareness is created about new colour and (new) postal rates.