"From 2006 we use the TNT LetterScale a couple times a week for business and private purposes. Itís a success: placed on my desk and very user friendly. Especially because it tells me the postal rates right away"
Nicolina Zwart

"I can now send letters also when the post office is closed"

"Quicker and easier than the kitchen weighing scale"

"Nice to have a scale myself, a lot less standing in line at the post office"

"At the post office we had many times discussions about the right number of stamps. Now I received this scale from the post office employee, we can check it ourselves!"

"Simple and practical, saves me a few trips to the post office just for franking questions"

"I will use it a lot. I send quit some letters and had to go to the post office just to check how many stamps I had to attach. Now I can do it myself"

"Very handy to determine the postal rate for inland and outland. Gives us a great feeling of service from TNT. Very kind of the employee"

"Very convenient for the small entrepreneur or private households to check quick the weight and right postal rate"

"I placed the scale at our office so all my colleagues can use it too. Frequently I received compliments about it"

"Easy to handle; sometimes I was afraid that I didnít put enough stamps on the letter and that the receiver had to pay surcharge"

"I do research work for the Historical Association, so quite some mail to send. Many times I had doubts about the weight, so again a trip to post office in IJsselmuiden: letter 2 gram too heavy! Received a scale. Grateful used, very handy to determine myself"

"We, as a family, are very happy with the letter scale. Less discussions about the question: how many do we have to put on this envelope. Now we can weigh and stamp correct"